What are the characteristics of flexible LED display?

2023-04-01 14:01

What are the characteristics of flexible LED display? With the rapid development of LED display technology, in recent years, not only launched the small-pitch LED series, but also launched the ultra-thin flexible LED display, which has been widely used in more applications.


Compared with ordinary LED display, flexible LED display can bend a certain Angle without damage, its circuit board is made of a special flexible material, will not be broken due to bending, currently mainly used in some cylindrical, semi-circle, oval shape of special occasions, such as exhibition hall, shopping malls and other occasions.

Flexible LED display, also known as LED soft screen, flexible LED display is relatively soft, can be bent arbitrarily, can achieve 120 degrees of folding, with high strength compressive and distortion ability, can be spliced according to user needs of arbitrary shape, easy to realize the arc splicing mode, the main features are as follows:

1. Flexible LED display is easy to bend, compared with LED film screen, can achieve a variety of installation methods, such as floor installation, hanging installation, embedded installation, hanging installation, limited by the installation area, has a wide range of applications, can realize a variety of exquisite creative customized LED display installation.

2. The flexible LED display has the blu-ray function, can effectively prevent the damage of harmful blue light to the eyes, avoid the screen for a long time and to produce visual fatigue. Indoors, especially in the exhibition hall, shopping center, people long and close watch display the content of the broadcast, the blu-ray function is reflected its irreplaceable role at this time.

3. The flexible LED display, including P1.25 / P1.579 / P1.667 / P1.875 / P2 / P2.5 / P3 / P4, flexible degree is high, can be bent arbitrarily splicing, high density, such as features, can really achieve seamless splicing, effectively reduce visual gap disturbance, pictures showed complete coherent, more suitable for indoor installation. For close viewing, it can also display in high definition. The refresh rate reaches 3840Hz, and the fast response gets rid of the residual image, making the picture play more delicate and smooth, and watching more comfortable. The intelligent module design saves the time of recalibration. Picture restoration degree is high, gray level is excessively smooth, texture processing is clear.

4. PCB board of flexible LED display is made of flexible soft board, mask/bottom shell is made of superior silicone material, so that the softness of the module is relatively good. The bending arc is less than 145°, and the viewing Angle is as high as 140°.


5. Flexible led display has the advantages of high stability, high refresh rate, high contrast, etc., which is widely used in high-end indoor large-screen display fields, such as enterprise exhibition halls, big data display, conference rooms, command centers, TV stations and media.

In terms of LED display, the flexible concept of LED display, the overall performance is relatively thin, compared with the traditional LED display, its installation and use is more convenient, and because of its flexible characteristics, strong flexibility, according to the need to splice into curved screen, in the field of creative special-shaped screen, can splice into curved screen, cylindrical, curved screen and other shapes of the display. Greatly enriched to improve the form of special-shaped screen, suitable for a variety of artistic modeling production, for the creative display of LED display provides an important display element. It is generally believed that with the increasingly rich life of people, the demand for various landscape creativity, and the development of intelligent, VR/AR and other emerging technologies, the development of soft modules has become an irresistible trend in the market.