LED display control system consists of what?

2023-04-01 13:58

LED display control system consists of what? LED display control system is mainly composed of control software, program transmitter, program editor. The role of each part is described in detail as follows.


I. LED control software:

Simple operation: flexible and convenient to use, specially for the LED screen to produce a variety of broadcast programs, integrate a variety of media objects, in the process of program production, you can observe the display effect in real time, the modification will be immediately reflected in the window. Flexible playback: excellent video processing and multimedia network technology perfect combination, with a good man-machine interface. You can make VGA images appear on the screen at the same time as video. Various editing forms: input text, image and other information through keyboard, mouse, scanner and other input methods, and edit the input content arbitrarily to achieve the desired effect. Display stunts: The software can display all kinds of words and images in a lively form on the screen, with a variety of stunts such as moving, tumbling, pulling, shifting, blinds, zooming in and out. Full control of playback process: when playing, you can jump to any program at any time, you can use normal speed or fast playback, you can also single step, you can pause playback at any time in the process of playing, and then restart from the pause. Playable sound effect: Playback software supports sound and 2D, 3D animation synchronous output.

Second, the program transmitter can use the control computer to edit the graphics generated by the following devices or software and then send them to the screen in real time.

The use of scanners, video machines and other peripheral equipment for graphics acquisition, editing, and then sent to the control computer above, the use of control computer editing and playing. The image has 16 levels of gray, can play TV text, video and image in real time can be easily superimposed. Text, video and image continuously zoom in and out so that you can operate at will using 2D and 3D animation software to produce satisfactory animation graphics, real-time playback on the screen.


Three, program editor Graphic editor:

The bitmap file can be drawn, enlarged, shrunk, rotated, deleted, copied, transferred, added, modified and other production means using the brush in WINDOWS to achieve the effect of graphics playback. Text editor: with CCDOS, XSDOS, UCDOS text input mode compatible graphics editing software, with a copy, black, and the song and its variants of twelve kinds of font, font size from 128 x 128 to 16 * 16 dot matrix and a dozen specifications such as size set free. And a variety of decorative words (hollow, tilt, shadow, mesh, three-dimensional, etc.), and text copy, move, delete and other functions. LED display control system through its own components and structure, with the characteristics of LED display products, play a gorgeous high-definition picture, advertising effect is significant, so it is favored by outdoor media advertisers, businesses, believe that with the progress of technology and the development of the media, LED display will play a more and more important role, the market is more broad.